To accelerate the growth of Malaysia’s tech industry by promoting and upgrading policies/regulations to encourage and drive greater innovation to boost Malaysia’s overall Digital Economy.

The Industry Coordination Committee

Consists of:

Chairperson (MDEC CEO)
Secretariat (MDEC)
Other relevant stakeholders (by invitation only)
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The Intervention Committee

Consists of:

Chairperson (KKMM Minister and Relevant Ministers)
Secretariat (MDEC)
Members (by invitation only)
Solutioning taskforce (by committee approval only)


To identify and discuss matters relating to industry collaboration pertaining to digital tech initiatives that comes with regulatory challenges and issues

To assess, recommend, and escalate policy and regulatory issues relating to digital tech initiatives

The Process

Step 1: Nominate
  • Private sectors to submit proposals to secretariat (online submissions)
  • Secretariat (MDEC) to conduct pre-assessment with relevant stakeholders
  • Secretariat to select and finalise proposals for council meeting
  • Secretariat to circulate meeting invitation to council members
Step 2: Scope
  • Industry Coordination Committee Meeting will lead the following tasks:
  • Presentation by proposal owners
  • Discussion and deliberation by committee members
  • Identify relevant stakeholders for the selected proposals
  • Secretariat (KKMM) to circulate meeting invitations to relevant ministries, agencies and stakeholders
Step 3: Intervention
  • Intervention Committee Meeting will lead the following tasks:
  • Presentation by proposal owners
  • Committee members to identify and set up solutioning taskforce
  • To appoint the lead for the taskforce to carry out the next steps
Step 4: Action
  • Project owners to work with taskforce for matters with regards to policies and regulations
  • Taskforce to recommend next steps to the Committee Members

Have an idea worth exploring?

The Malaysia Innovation Policy Council welcomes any industry wide, beneficial ideas and changes from everyone. If you have an idea that can help, here’s how you can share it with us.

Idea Submission Guideline
  1. The proposal must be related to digital tech initiatives to further improve the tech ecosystem and grow the digital economy of the country.
  2. Highlighted the regulatory challenges that comes with the proposed initiatives, and the economic and social impact if the problems are solved.
  3. Submission has to come from the private sectors and industry representative – i.e. associations, foundations, or working group of companies.
  4. The proposal must belong to one of these industry verticals.
Submission Period
  • 1st Submission Batch: 25 April – 31 May 2019
  • 2nd Submission Batch: 1 Aug – 30 Aug 2019
  • 3rd Submission Batch: 1 Nov – 29 Nov 2019


Feel free to download the submission template and send it to council_sec@mdec.com.my