To create a national Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to enable the proliferation of use and industralisation of IoT as a new source of economic growth

The Objectives

Create a conductive IoT industry ecosystem to foster the development, diffusion and adoption of IoT technologies

Strengthen Malaysia’s position in the IoT industry by augmenting technopreneur capabilities and fostering the creation of globally-competitive IoT products

Establish Malaysia as the Regional Development Hub for IoT by establishing an integrated centre for IoT solutions, equipped with supporting services and facilities such as interoperability testing and development of IoT products and services

Short Term Strategies

1. Transformational steps for the development of IoT as an industry
This can be achieved through the following methods:
  • Develop Small-Medium Enterprises’ (SME) capabilities to kickstart the IoT industry
  • Incubate SMEs’ competencies through focused “flagship” projects
  • Develop key talents who are able to build better solutions for the future
2. Align with existing initiatives through pilot projects
The pilot projects will act as catalysts and steer collaborations among industry players to demonstrate IoT contributions to quality of life. This strategy will enhance awareness on possible applications and implications of IoT

The Process

Formation of IoT Malaysia

The objective of this strategy is to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) for IoT in Malaysia. The CoP is an entity composed of industry practitioners who share a common interest to build an industry out of IoT technologies. This partnership will be a self-governed and self-sustained ecosystem and aligned to the value-based roadmap

Key roles of the CoP include:

  • Manage and promote the IoT ecosystem
  • Be a platform to gather the industry’s technological requirements
  • Offer shared services for industry development in Malaysia
  • Act as a nucleus for IoT talent development and as a bureau for IoT industry development

The Outcomes

RM 42.5B

Targeted growth of the national economy by 2025


New jobs by the year 2020


Local patents to be exploited to develop new technologies


View the National IoT Framework to get a more in depth look at the government’s plans for the Internet of Things

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