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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most production involving live-action television, commercials and feature films, however, one business that is still going full speed ahead is the production of digital content. Already on an upswing due to increasing demand from streaming platforms, it is now attracting new interest and new investments, triggering a boom that may outlast the current crisis.

Disruption of game development is also strongly felt. Outsourced AAA game development works to China, have faced delays during the lockdown and will continue to face delays since the same disruption is hitting other markets. In recent years, game companies have started to outsource their work to development studios in Southeast Asia and India, both of which are now experiencing a boom as a result of the current situation.

Malaysian digital content studios should grab these opportunities to stay competitive and take advantage of the situation.

MDEC recognises this opportunity made available to your studios and would like to support you by introducing the Digital Creative Content Technology Support programme ‘Productivity @ Anywhere’, a claimable basis incentive to activate your studio to seize the digital content economic opportunities.

Qualifying activities as follows;

  • Subscribe or Renew design, development, project management and communication software required to adopt and stay competitive with current economic opportunities;
  • Setup or upgrade current Office/Studio network infrastructure to adopt and stay compete with current economic opportunities; and
  • Subscribe best available remote workstation tools to adopt and stay compete with current economic opportunities.


Digital Creative Content Technology Support Incentive Programmme Details

Eligibility Criteria
  • The Applicant is Company, Enterprise or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)incorporated in Malaysia, at least 1 (one) year old as of application date;
  • The applicant has not been incentivised for the same program from any entity;
  •  The Applicant is not the subject of a winding up order and has no going concern issue;
  • The Applicant has proven portfolio on digital creative content creation involved in animation or game development or new media or VFX or AR & VR;
  • The Applicant has a proven track record in digital creative content creation (animation or game development or VFX) works either as an outsourced service provider or in the creation of original works.
  • The Applicant is a company with at least five (5) or greater number of employees.
Claimable Activities
  • Digital Creative Content activities related Software subscription;
  • Digital Creative Content activities related Tools and Cloud Services subscription;
  • Digital Creative Content activities related Network Infrastructure setup.
Claimable Incentive Amount

Incentive amount up to RM 25,000 based on company size;

  • Category A = 5 – 30 no. of employees: up to RM 10,000.00
  • Category B = 31 – 100 no. of employees: up to RM 20,000.00
  • Category C = 101 and above no. of employees: up to RM 25,000.00
Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposed software/tools/solutions to subscribe/purchase must be proven for digital creative content technology related;
  • Invoices / Receipts of software/tools/solutions related to digital creative content technology already subscribed / purchased are backdated to January 2020;
  • No other government fund received for the same activities;
  • Proven on-going digital creative content project;
  • Proof of 5 (five) or greater number of employees
Supporting Documents
  • Company profile with proven portfolio;
  • Applicant’s copy of NRIC / Passport;
  • Copy of SSM certificate;
  • Latest Copy of Employer EPF Contribution;
  • Any supporting document for Sourcing Job (Agreement, LOA, Contract, and etc);
  • Quotations / Invoice / receipts (from January 2020 onwards) from valid vendor


The closing date will be on 18th July 2020